General Cabin Information

Fire Extinguisher is located under the sink

Phone Contact:
Travis Crabbe (250) 429-3943 H
(250) 417-6696 C
Heather Crabbe (250) 919 -875
Dan Crabbe (250) 417-7766

Cabin Longs and Lats:

  • Little Sand Cabin: 49*29’01.50″ N 115*15’23.15″ W Elevation 1753 m
  • Big Sand Cabin: 49*26’27.45” N 115*08’52.12″ W Elevation 1139 m
  • McDermott Cabin: 49*21’10.62” N 115*04’51.22″ W Elevation 1789 m
  • Bull River Lodge: 49*33’09.16” N 115*18’38.31″ W Elevation 931 m

Helicopter Contact:

HighTerrain – (250) 421-1212
Bighorn – (250) 489-2517

Heater Info: If heater goes out check propane. Hint if stove will still light there is propane in tank. If tank is empty switch tanks using dial, and relight heater. Lighting instructions behind heater cover. To open cover pull out on bottom corners and lift. Instructions are located at bottom left corner. If heater won’t light call Travis.

Water: The water comes from a spring and is not treated. If you have any concerns about the water it is suggested you bring in you own water.

Lights: All propane lights should be operated at a full “on” (down) or in the full “off” (up) position position. For Solar lights please shut off when not needed.

Stove & Oven:

  • Little Sand stove burners equipped with pilot lights and should stay lit after initial burner light up. If burner doesn’t light with pilot light use a lighter and this should light pilot.
  • Mcdermott and Bull River have electronic igniters. Turn control knob to light and push in knob to light.
  • Big Sand stove burners need to be lit every time they are used

The ovens have a pilot light. To use oven open drawer turn oven to “pilot” and push in knob. Next using a lighter (works best with 2 people) reach into the back top center of the oven drawer and light the pilot. You will see a small blue flame. Once lit set the desired temperature. When shutting oven off turn it back to “pilot” rather than to off if you are planning on using the oven again during your stay.

Windows: Please feel free to lift the window shutters off the windows (winter time) to allow for extra light to enter in the day time. Snow Levels Permitting. Be sure to re hang the shutters when you leave.

Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Detector: The cabin has both a Smoke detector and Carbon Monoxide detector in the cabin. Both located at the bottom of the stairs on the wall. If the smoke detector (the round one) goes off DON’T PANIC check for fire get out if necessary. If the Carbon Monoxide detector goes off DON’T PANIC open windows and door and air out cabin. Get guests into fresh air. Check for improperly lit lights (not in full “on”, down position) check furnace for improper burning. If detector does not shut off after cabin has been aired out and no source of problem can be found. Stay out in fresh air and contact Travis.

Smell Propane: If propane can be smelled DON’T PANIC open doors and windows. Check to make sure appliances are not on with out being lit. i.e. lights, stove, oven, fridge, furnace. Sometimes the pilot on the stove top will get blown out and cause some unburned propane to leak into the room. Lift stove top by front corners to check if the 2 pilots are lit. If they are not relight them. The act of lighting the burners manually usually lights pilots.

Turn Down Heat: When leaving the cabin for the day or extended periods of time it is asked that the heater thermostat be turned down to conserve propane. The cabin is well insulated and a still stay quite warm even if the heater is off. *Please note the thermostat will not make the heater get hotter. It is either on or off.

Check-Out Procedures: Upon departure, guests are required to leave the property in the same general neat and orderly condition as when they arrived. Please comply with the following before check-out:

1. Dishes, pots, pans, silverware and utensils should be washed and put away.
2. Windows and doors closed and locked. All lights turned off
3. Thermostat for heater to set to “off” position
4. Fridge emptied and turned off
5. Window shutters to be repositioned (winter time)
6. BBQ to be brought back into cabin and propane shut off.
7. Take out all garbage, from cabin and please don’t leave any garbage anywhere in the back country

Thank you for you stay. We hope you had a great time and hope to see you again soon.

For more information contact:

Travis Crabbe
(250) 429-3943
(250) 417-6696
Box 242, Jaffray BC,CANADA, V0B1T0